QTJ4-40 small manual block machine testing for Sierra Leone

QTJ4-40 Small scale manual block machine is tested for Sierra Leone client.

The client ordered 400x150x200mm solid block mould ,400X200X200mm hollow block mould,400X100X200MM solid block ,double T interlock paver moulds.



All moulds are tested before shipping.

QTJ4-40 concrete block making machine introduction

1)QTJ4-40 block machine can make various hollow block,solid brick and paver bricks

2)The machine operation is easy,no need engineer to install at local.You can start production after connecting with power

3)Low cost:QTJ4-40 block machine,JD350 mixer and two trolley total cost is 3500USD

4)QTJ4-40 labro requests are 3 labors,One labor feeds material into mixer,1 labor operates block machine,1 labor transport finished block to stock area

QTJ4-40 whole line overview

block making machine

1 JD350 pan mixer Used to mix various material like cement,sand,stone dust. 1set 7.5KW
2 QTJ4-40 block machine Used to press material into various hollow block,solid brick,paver brick.The block mould and motor voltage are OEM 1set 8.8KW
3 Block trolley Use to transport finished block into 1set 0KW
4 Pallet Pallet is used to hold blocks.The material can be pvc,wood,GTM and bamboo. 600pcs 0kw

4.QTJ4-40 Hand press block making machine production capacity

Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/hour Pcs/ 8 Hr
400X150X200 5 360-450 2880-3600
400X200X200 4 280-360 2240-2800
400X100X200 7 504-630 4032-5040
400X250X200 3 216-270 1728-2160
240X115X52 18 1296-1620 10368-12960

* Capacity Mentioned is indicative only,actual capacity varies with operator efficiency and
material quality etc.



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