What is most popular block design in Ghana in 2021

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa, and real estate is also booming. Many customers therefore began to invest in the block  making industry.

At present, Ghana’s block making machines mainly rely on importing from China. The block making machines in Ghana are mainly small and medium-sized machines, such as QT4-40, QT40-2,QT4-24, QT4-18,QT4-15 etc

 Small scale block machine ghana

In the Ghanaian market, the design of bricks is based on three-hole hollow blocks and solid blocks, with a size of 5 inch (400x125x200) and 6 inch(400x150x200).

block design in ghana

According to customer responses, Ghana has also begun to popularize interlock concrete block.The two ends of the brick can be interlocked with each other. The wall structure built in this way is more stable, and the amount of cement mortar used can also be reduced. The price is also better than the ordinary block selling price.

 interlock solid block design

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Post time: Apr-13-2021
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